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C4C PJJ is a comprehensive program developed by some of the foremost LE instructors to keep Officers and the communities they serve safer. Understanding that DT programs based on memorizing a seemingly endless list of techniques fail under stress, the C4C PJJ curriculum prioritizes teaching the underlying Fundamental Principles that allow Officers to be effective in various Use of Force encounters. This unique approach, combined with our modern teaching methods, enables officers to understand better “why” techniques and tactics work instead of memorizing movements, resulting in quicker retention and better performance during real-world dynamic situations.

The C4C PJJ curriculum is written and trained systematically and can be taught as a stand-alone program or used in conjunction with existing training. Officers receive training in Verbal & Physical De-Escalation Methods, Empty Hand Tactics, Weapon Based Training, Team Tactics, Communication, and Use of Force Decision Making, amongst other topics. Throughout the program, a heavy emphasis is on grappling-based Control Tactics; instead of Pain Compliance Techniques, which often fail and increase liability. The C4C PJJ curriculum is designed to allow ongoing training throughout an Officer’s career not a “one and done” class. Ongoing training will help make officers more confident, competent, compassionate, and in control- emotionally, mentally, and physically. In the world of Policing today, Officers and Agencies cannot afford anything less.