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Resistance Management Certificate

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The Stay Safe Instructional Programs Resistance Management Certificate is an extensive 3-day Security Officer and Non-Peace Officer development program. Our Resistance Management Certificate can help you build your knowledge and develop skills in areas such as the application of force, advanced crisis management, effective communication, active & compliant handcuffing, advanced criminal code authorities, use of force theory, and use of the tactical baton.  

The Resistance Management Certificate will challenge both new as well as experienced operators. Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be accredited with a Stay Safe Instructional Programs Certification, along with ongoing support from our trainer community.

The program will cover the following Stay Safe Instructional Programs:

  • Advanced Crisis Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Advanced Criminal Code Authorities
  • Active / Compliant Subject Restraint
  • Resistance Management (use of force) Theory
  • Extendable Baton


  • Training t-shirt / top, cargo pants
  • Appropriate footwear, duty boots, running shoes 
  • Duty belt / full kit with handcuff pouch, handcuff key, baton scabbard (handcuffs and batons will be provided) 
  • All participants must attend and participate in the entirety of the course and have the ability to engage in intensive training without any physical limitations.



  • Our training centre is equipped with a water cooler for hydration, as well as drinks available for purchase on site such as Gatorade, Protein Shakes, Tea, Coffee. 
  • Duty belts or pouches etc. will be available for purchase on-site. 
  • Alternative payment option may be made through e-transfer, debit or certified cheque (tuition fee plus tax)
  • Cancellations will be re-scheduled. There will be no refunds
  • Course times are 1000-1800 each day.